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Cryptocurrency is the buzzword these days and millennials are taking to like ducks take to water. The crypto market may be highly volatile but that has not stopped thousands of enthusiasts from dabbling in these. Incidentally, following close on the heels of the Bitcoin, several other crypto coins have also emerged in the scene. However, Bitcoin trade is on the rise due to emerging bots like bitcoin gemini that trade 24/7. The question then arises as to where you should invest in and how you can monitor the market’s rise and fall. The good thing is that even a smartphone is enough these days to keep track of your crypto investments. You can carry it wherever you go, so that you are not only free to monitor the market at your convenience but also execute successful trades with the click of a button.

Top apps for iOS and Android users investing in cryptocurrencies:

  • Crypto Tracker: This is simple to use and lets you access prices of crypto coins in as many as 14 fiat currencies. This app can be highly useful for conducting crypto trades as prices can be viewed in real time thanks to the Coin Market app.  The design is centered on Google Material Design making it visually appealing. Features may be limited but it works perfectly for those not looking for too many functionalities.
  • Coinbase: This free cryptocurrency app is leading in terms of crypto trading activities, especially for traders dealing in Bitcoins, Ethereum, etc. Using this app both Android and iOS device users can buy or sell crypto coins and monitor their prices. Coinbase also offers wallet functionalities and if you wish to spend your crypto coins, it will also identify merchants accepting crypto coins as payment. Try bitcoin billionaire app and it has the potential to make you a billionaire if you trade continuously and understand the nuances of automated trading.
  • Crypto Trax: This is also another free cryptocurrency app for both iOS and Android users; it focuses on how to use the crypto coins that you have got. When you input the value of your assets it can track the portfolio and assess your profits and losses. It will also send alerts when prices of a certain coin fall or rise to make sure you do not miss out on lucrative trade opportunities.
  • This Bitcoin wallet is a free app known for its minimalist design, robust security features and low transfer fees. This app appeals mostly to newcomers but can be used by experienced investors as well; it has many exciting features like Bitcoin transfers through QR codes. You can buy the coins directly from the wallet and you own a recovery seed that ensures the data stays secure and retrievable.
  • This app has been there for a decade now and provides expert advice on investments. It was only natural for it to make its foray into the crypto world. It may not offer wallet functionalities but provides comprehensive databases to track prices of more than 1300 altcoins in real time. You get historical data and access to a complete portfolio so that you may know how much you have profited or lost. You may also set price alerts to be able to sell your assets quickly when the right time arrives.